{ mie + miko + penelope }

O U R   S T O R Y

C A R I    &   T H E   L E T T E R P R E S S

in 2005, my hands touched my first printing press and life as i knew it would be forever changed.  the sound, the smell, the ink on my hands felt all too familiar...like i had done this in a past life...or something.  joy had found me!

two months after this moment, a kind printer gifted me with my first press and all that i needed serendipitously showed up at my doorstep.  my universe had a plan and i rose up to meet her.

miemiko was born out of a love of process, of creating and is my vehicle of connecting and communicating.

thank you for allowing me to do so.

M I E M I K O  the shop

this shop lived for so many years...in my head...and in my heart.  the fact that it physically exists has taught me a lesson in sitting in the possibility of something.  the shop crossed paths with us later in our journey but if you heard my story, i always say...if it came any earlier, i would be chasing the wrong things in a non-authentic way.  if you heard my story, you would know this phrase that i use...the right store, found the right me, at the right time.  

if you're in the area, kindly step in to what i hope is (as one customer described) what your imagination looks like!

allow us to charm you!

O U R   N A M E

i am often asked, "what does miemiko mean?"

well, here's the heartbeat behind our name . . .                                                                                                                                                                                     MIE is part of my middle name, taMIE.  MIKO is part of my mom's middle name, taMIKO.  mie-miko.  miemiko.  it had a ring to it and when i had a hanko seal maker look up the character meaning, he passed on to me:  TO SEE.  BEAUTY. BRIGHT and SHINING.  TO BE GIVING.

although half of our namesake is no longer with us, her heart beats through me in the most gracious way.  she was a maker.  i carry that gene!  wherever i am, there she is.

H E R   N A M E

with this special process and with this new, beautiful press in hand, a relationship must be built and nurtured.  first, it was deserving of a name!  made of cast iron, strong, resilient and hardworking.  my head thought it was a boy.   i went through various male names, chandler (as it was a c&p), charlie and a few others that never quite felt right.  then...my heart whispered, "silly, she's a girl!"  and i said, "ooohhh, that explains it!"  since that moment, she became miss penelope.  made of cast iron, strong, resilient and hardworking!